Holidaymakers Compensated for Illness

December 1st, 2016 | By licnewsadmin


A couple, whose holiday in Egypt was ruined after eleven of their thirteen quests fell ill, has been awarded a five-figure settlement of compensation by their tour company.

Brian Pilling, a sixty-one year-old retired labourer from Chesham in Buckinghamshire, and his wife Pamela decided to treat their family to a luxury holiday. The couple decided to visit the five-star Sea Club Resort in Sharm-el-Sheik, Egypt. After spending over £17,000 on the trip, the Pilling family were greatly looking forward to the trip and booked several adventure activities such as quad biking or camel rides. Yet just five days into the holiday, some of the family members started falling ill.

Recounting his experience, Brian – one of the first to fall ill – said: “I thought at first it would just be a day thing, a little gastric upset but wow was I wrong… In the end, we had to ask the hotel doctor to visit. He immediately put me on an intravenous rehydration with antibiotics and paracetamol.”

Eventually, eleven of the thirteen family members on the holiday became ill. Two – including Brian – required intravenous fluids, for rehydration and others had to go on a course of antibiotics. Even upon returning to the UK, many of the holidaymakers report that their symptoms didn’t subside. Brian commented, “The holiday was a great disappointment devastated by illness and I wish we had never gone.”

Acting on behalf of all the ill family members, Brian and Pamela consulted a personal injuries solicitor and subsequently made a claim for sickness whilst on holiday in Egypt. The claim was made against Thomson Holidays, the company that organised the trip, and sought compensation for both the cost of the holiday and the suffering of each family member that fell ill.

In the claim, the couple alleged that the stomach bug stemmed from substandard hygiene conditions at the luxury resort. They claim that the food was not cooked thoroughly and small birds were regularly seen around the uncovered food. After Thomson Holidays investigated the allegations, they settled the claim for compensation with the couple for £29,850.

Categories: Holiday Accidents/Illnesses

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