Solicitors Investigate Greek Holiday Food Poisoning Allegations

September 23rd, 2016 | By licnewsadmin


A couple from Cheshire have ordered their solicitors to begin an investigation into their allegations of a poor standard of hygiene in a Crete holiday resort after one of the couple developed severe food poisoning.

William and Leanda Kidley holidayed in the Katrin Suites Resort, a three-star holiday resort in Stalis, Crete, in August 2015. However, towards the end of their holiday, William – who works as a Transport Support Manager – began feeling unwell, complaining of flu-like symptoms. Upon the couple’s return to Cheshire, he also developed diarrhoea.

After visiting his GP, William was referred to the Warrington General Hospital such that diagnostic tests could be conducted. William was subsequently diagnosed with campylobacter food poisoning, and as such was admitted to hospital. Though he stayed there for a week, he has yet to fully recover.

Once the results of the tests came back, the couple consulted a personal injuries solicitor, believing that William’s illness was a direct result of the poor standard of hygiene practiced at the resort. The solicitors will investigate these claims, and if they can find a direct link between the standard of hygiene and William’s diagnosis, Thomas Cook – the travel company with whom the couple booked their unfortunate holiday – have already stated that they will pay a compensation settlement. Thomas Cook were operating as FlexibleTrips when the booking was made.

The couple allege that much of the food at the resort was left out in the open all day, and as a result, they often saw flies. Additionally, they claim that the food that was served to them was often inadequately cooked.

Leanda, speaking to her local press, has commented that “The last thing we ever expected when we booked the holiday was for either of us to end up in hospital going through tests to find out exactly what was wrong. William missed time off work because of the problems he was having and it took him a long time for his stamina to improve and even now he has not made a full recovery.”

Categories: Personal Injury

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