Negotiations Commence for French Cycling Accident

March 4th, 2016 | By licnewsadmin

 Negotiations have begun between an English man who was severely injured whilst cycling in France and the insurance company of the motorist who ran him over. 

 When Christopher Brody, aged forty-seven from Sutton Coldfield, was on holiday in Brittany with his wife and two sons, the family decided to go on a tour of the region on bicycles. However, whilst cycling, Mr Brody was hit by a passing camper van and then dragged under it for a stretch of the road, sustaining severe injuries.

Mr Brody was transported to a hospital in Brest, where emergency surgery was carried out to try and repair some of the damage to his body. The injuries he sustained were extensive and included fractured vertebrae, nine fractured ribs, a broken wrist and numerous deep lacerations across his body. Mr Brody also went on to show symptoms of psychological distress and contracted an infection in his right arm.

 After two months in the French hospital, Mr Brody was airlifted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham where a second operation was carried out to repair his fractured pelvis. Five weeks later, he was discharged, but remains an outpatient at the clinic, continuing to receive treatment and rehabilitation.

 During his recovery, Mr Brody sought legal counsel concerning his accident and then proceeded to make a claim for compensation against the French motorist who ran him over. Mutual de Poitiers, the motorist’s insurance company, admitted that their client was liable for Mr Brody’s accident and have commenced negotiations with Mr Brody’s legal representatives. The purpose of the claim is to ensure that Mr Brody receives adequate compensation for his treatments.

Mr Brody commented after the accident that “The accident just happened so quickly. One minute I was cycling along the road, the next I was being dragged along the road by a vehicle that had struck me from behind. I have been signed off work for six months and have been forced to completely change my living arrangements at home due to my injuries. I know I face a long road to recovery and a prolonged spell of physiotherapy.”

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