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Child Compensated for Scrambler Bike Trauma

August 23rd, 2016 | By licnewsadmin

A seven year-old girl, who sustained grave injuries because of a passing motorcycle when she was just four years old, has been awarded a five-figure settlement of compensation for her injuries.

The girl, who has remained anonymous though is known to come from Co. Armagh, was injured as she was playing outside her grandparents’ house aged four in 2013. As she was playing, a passing motorcyclist veered too close and scraped the child’s cheek with the handlebars of his scrambler bicycle.

The impact caused a gash to be made in the four year-old’s cheek, which extended to her mouth. She suffered extreme damage to her jaw and teeth, though her injuries were not purely physical. The young girl developed a phobia of loud noises, particularly those from motorcycle engines, and had recurring nightmares in the weeks after the incident.

Acting on the girl’s behalf, her mother – whose anonymity has also been preserved – made a claim for the scrambler bike injury against the Motor Insurers’ Bureau. The body admitted liability for the injuries, and the case proceeded to the courts in Belfast for assessment.

Mr Justice Stephens presided over the assessment hearing, where he heard evidence that the since the incident, the young girl was becoming dependent and clingy at the sound of motorcycles. Additionally, whenever the engines could be heard passing her house, she would scream in terror.

The judge also examined the scar left by the accident, noting that “when the plaintiff smiles, expressing happiness and enjoyment, the impact of the smile is spoilt by the scar becoming markedly indented.”

He proceeded to describe the child as “relatively shy”, adding that the obviousness of the scar meant that she would be very conscious of it as she grew. The nature and location of the scar means that plastic surgery is unlikely to have a pronounces effect.
The court awarded the child £90,000 in compensation for the injuries she sustained, accounting for both the physical and psychological effects of the accident.

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