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Group Initiates Compensation Claim for Prostate Treatments

October 25th, 2015 | By licnewsadmin

Following the suspension of Dr Arackal Narayan Manu Nair – a leading urologist –  by the General Medical Council, a group composed of approximately 280 men have started a claim for compensation after each of them received negligent treatment.

The legal action is being carried out against the Heartlands Hospital and the Spire Parkways Private Hospital in Birmingham. The action if a result of information that the consultant urologist at these facilities – Dr Arackal Narayan Manu Nair – was suspended by the GMC, and that a review of their care was initiated by the hospital.

Some of the men in the group underwent treatment for prostate cancer unnecessarily, and others still were given treatments that had not yet been approved by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. Each of Dr Manu Nair’s one hundred and eighty patients is thought to be entitled to compensation.

One example of a claim being made involves a man who was left infertile by the treatment, also suffering from incontinence, after Dr Manu Nair carried out high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) when the patient came to see him privately. The man was later informed that he had “been misled to some extent that this was aggressive cancer”.

Another patient in the group had his prostate surgically removed by the consultant urologist in 2009, though when an independent medical examiner studied the patient’s files it was concluded that rather than performing an operation, a surveillance programme should have been offered.

The legal counsel for those claiming compensation have stated that the men had not  only undergone unnecessary and possible unsafe, unapproved treatment, but that some of the patients have possibly had a metastasis of their cancer because of the negligent treatment by Dr Manu Nair.

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