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Care Centre Injury Compensation Claim Settled by Patient’s Daughter

May 29th, 2015 | By licnewsadmin

A daughter, who made a compensation claim after her father died from care home negligence, has been won her case for compensation. 

Ivor Betteridge, seventy-six, suffers from dementia and has received care from the mental health unit at the Fiennes Centre in Banbury, Oxfordshire. He has lived at the centre since 2012 after the death his wife and primary carer, Mrs Georgina Betteridge, from breast cancer. Mr Betteridge’s dementia leads him to, at times, have violent outbursts against staff members other patients receiving care at the facility.

Though Mr Betteridge had been known to be violent, there was no contingency plans to manage this and in February 2013, Mr Betteridge became hostile towards nurses attempting to bathe him. In this instance, a male care assistant attempted to subdue the patient and Mr Betteridge fell and hit his head during the encounter. Parties failed to come to a consensus on how exactly the accident occurred.

Mr Betteridge’s daughter, Tracy, issued a complaint regarding the incident to the Oxford Health NHS Trust. An investigation followed, but the results were inconclusive. One witness claimed the the male care assistant pushed Mr Betteridge, but another statement by a different nurse contradicted this by stating that Mr Betteridge fell only after the care assistant let go of him. The assistant in question was suspended from work and a letter of apology was issued to Tracy Betteridge from the Director of Nursing and Clinical Standards at the NHS Trust apologising for the injury sustained to her father and the lower-than-expected standard of care.

Mr Betteridge died in the care facility in March 2014, and in May of that year the NHS trust conceded liability for the accident and £500 compensation was offered to Ms Betteridge. However, Ms Betteridge declined and after receiving legal advice, she brought a compensation claim against the centre. Negotiations ensued and eventually £3,600 compensation was paid to Ms Betteridge.

Ms Betteridge has since stated her dissatisfaction regarding how her late father’s case was handled. Since the case, the Fiennes Centre has reduced the number of patients at the facility to try and ensure that the staff are not strained, and that each staff member has thorough training regarding violent patients and their management.

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