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Claim Settled for Cyclist after Serious Brain Injury

February 5th, 2015 | By licnewsadmin

The compensation claim of a  cyclist knocked from his bicycle when a car suddenly pulled out infront of him, resulting in severe brain injuries for the victim, has been settled with the driver’s insurance company.

The road accident occurred during September of 2010 as John Wellock, sixty-five, was cycling along the A62 in Oldham. Mr Wellock, from Mossley in Greater Manchester, was knocked down from his bicycle when a car pulled out infront of him on the road. Even though he was wearing a protective cycling helmet, Mr Wellock still suffered from traumatic injuries to his head and was taken to hospital from the scene in a coma.

Mr Wellock then spent nine months in hospital, undergoing intensive rehabilitation and therapy. Mr Wellock’s wife, Elaine, even gave up her job so that her husband could go home, and now acts as his full-time carer.

The driver responsible for knocking Mr Wellock from his bicycle plead guilty to the charges brought against him – driving without due care – in the Oldham Magistrates Court when the case was heard there in 2011. Mr Wellock subsequently made a claim for the brain injuries he sustained in the accident against the driver’s insurance company.

The insurers admitted liability for the accident and negotiations resulted in the compensation claim made by Mr Wellock to be settled for a sum of £2million. Assessments carried out on Mr Wellock’s future needs helped in these negotiations, and the money will help ensure that Mr Wellock will be able to access all of the support he needs for him to continue his recovery.

Mr Wellock commented after the announcement of the settlement that he believes that his life was saved by the fact he was wearing a helmet, and that he has campaigned to make them compulsory for all cyclists, believing that “anything that can be done to improve safety for cyclists is extremely important.”  His wife added that “The settlement is a massive relief and a weight off our shoulders. We can now look to the future as we know that John’s care needs will be taken care of for the rest of his life”.




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