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Compensation Awarded to Injured Woman After Bus Accident

January 25th, 2015 | By licnewsadmin

An elderly woman, who sustained injuries after falling on a moving bus that pulled away from the stop before she could take her seat, has been awarded £10,000 in compensation for her injuries after the accident.

The accident occurred at the Braehead Shopping Centre in Glasgow during May 2011 when Mary Steel, eighty-two, had just boarded a privately-owned McGill’s coach. Mrs Steel was still walking down the aisle of the coach in an attempt to find her seat when the driver had begun to drive away from the stop at the shopping centre, resulting in Mrs Steel losing her balance and falling on the coach, injuring her shoulder in the fall.

Medical attention was sought for the passenger, who was from Dunoon in Argyle, and she was then taken by the paramedics attending the scene to the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow. After receiving the medical attention, Mrs Steel made a compensation claim against the company for the injuries she suffered in the accident on the bus. In the claim she stated that she had suffered emotional trauma after the accident in addition to an injured shoulder, stating that she had become depressed and had lost her passion for baking.

The case was then heard at Edinburgh’s Court of Session and was presided over by Judge Lady Stacey. Mrs Steel’s solicitors argued that the driver of the bus should have been more cautious and endevoured to ensure that his passenger was safely seated before he drove away from the stop. They alleged that he was negligent in his duties and this resulted in Mrs Steel’s injuries. They stated their belief that his employers were liable for the accident.

Judge Lady Stacey found in Mrs Steel’s favour, and stated that “In my opinion the defender´s driver failed to ensure that a passenger who had been seen by him to be elderly and unsteady was seated before moving off. In doing so, he acted contrary to the defender´s policy and in breach of common law”. Mrs Steel was then awarded £10,000 in compensation for the injuries that she sustained in the bus accident.


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