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Zebra Crossing Accident Claim Settled by Victim

October 11th, 2014 | By licnewsadmin

A pedestrian, who was hit by a car as she crossed a street in the city centre and as a result had fractured limbs, has settled her claim for an undisclosed amount.

The road accident at the zebra crossing occurred in December 2011 when the victim, Janet Churchley, fifty-seven, was walking out onto a zebra crossing on Carr Lane in Hull. She was subsequently hit a car, and the collision caused Mrs Churchley’s leg to break. Her fall to the ground also resulted in a broken arm for Mrs Churchley.

Emergency medical services were called to the scene where paramedics gave Mrs Churchley gas and air for the pain. She was then brought by ambulance to the Royal Hull Infirmary where an operation was carried out to ensure that the fractures to to her arm and leg would set correctly. Mrs Churchley was not able to walk for three months, and had to make use of a wheelchair for this period, where she was to try and keep her leg completely outstretched in front of her.

For the three months that she was wheelchair-bound, Mrs Churchley was reliant on her husband to do mundane, everyday tasks such as dressing or washing. Mrs Churchley attended her son’s wedding in a wheelchair, and was forced to sleep on the downstairs couch for the period in order to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

Mrs Churchley was unable to return to work for nearly a year after the accident, and even then, was confined to working part-time. Mrs Churchley also experienced anxiety upon crossing roads. She sought legal counsel, and subsequently made a compensation claim for the injuries she sustained in the accident at the zebra crossing.

The driver of the car conceded liability for the injuries to Mrs Churchley, saying that he was distracted upon approach to the zebra crossing. His negligent driving was at fault for the injuries Mrs Churchley sustained. Even so, his insurers disputed the amount of compensation that Mrs Churchley was entitled to, based on the extent of her injuries.

An interim compensation payment was arranged between the two parties to assist Mrs Churchley’s immediate needs, and after a long period of negotiations, the insurance company finally paid out an undisclosed five-figure sum to Mrs Churchley for the injuries inflicted upon her at the zebra crossing.


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