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Compensation for Child who was Deprived of Oxygen at their Birth Granted

February 17th, 2014 | By licnewsadmin

A child, deprived of oxygen at her birth in 2000 has been awarded a compensation settlement of €4million as decided through out-of-court negotiations ,despite the maternity hospital where she was delivered maintaining that it was not liable for the injuries sustained.

The child in question, Katie Martin – now aged thirteen, from Trim in County Meath – was born on the 9th November 2000 at the Coombe Women’s Hospital in Dublin. She was delivered by emergency Caesarean Section when her mother, Fiona, arrived at the hospital that morning with irregular contractions. Ninety minutes later, a CTG trace was made and it registered abnormal readings which would show that the unborn baby was being deprived of oxygen in utero. Despite these results, another hour and a half passed before any steps were undertaken in response to these abnormal CTG readings. When Katie was eventually delivered by section, she had a cardiac arrest and showed no signs of life. However, medical staff in the hospital succeeded in reviving the newborn Katie, yet she still sustained severe brain damage due to the lack of oxygen at her birth. She is now completely reliant on constant, round-the-clock care for as long as she lives.

Acting on behalf of her daughter, Mrs Martin made a compensation claim for a child deprived of oxygen at birth against the Coombe Women’s Hospital. The maternity hospital denied any liability for Katie’s injuries, stating  Katie was being denied of oxygen in the womb before her mother was admitted to hospital before the birth of her daughter.

The case was heard at Dublin’s High Court, where Ms Justice Mary Irvine presided over the case. She heard that out-of-court negotiations had resulted in a €4 million settlement for Katie, though the Coombe Women’s Hospital still refused to accept liability. The case was in court for her to approve of the settlement. The court heard an account of the birth of Katie, and the hospital entered a defence against the case. Ms Justice Irvine commented that the settlement was a good one, given the circumstances of the case, and she did not hesitate to approve it.

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