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About Lawinjuryclaims.co.uk

Lawinjuryclaims.co.uk is a web site created by the Law Injury Claims Service to assist people who have sustained a personal injury for which they were not primarily responsible by providing realistic and accurate information to help them recover compensation for a personal injury.

Pursuing a Claim through the Law Injury Claims Service

The Law Injury Claims Service is a panel of highly experienced personal injury solicitors specialising in UK accident and injury claims. Our solicitors are carefully selected for their experience and comprehensive knowledge of health and safety legislation and UK claims law. This ensures we are able to provide pertinent and up to date information on all aspects of personal injury compensation in the United Kingdom. Our solicitors are highly experienced and will fight to get the maximum possible out of court settlement awarded.

Assessing your Entitlement to Personal Injury Compensation

At Lawinjuryclaims.co.uk we understand that every accident is different, and no two personal injury compensation claims are exactly alike. When you call our helpline and tell us your account of the events which led to the accident and the injuries you sustained, we will calculate your maximum entitlement to personal injury compensation. After talking with one of our compensation solicitors, by the end of the call, you will have had your questions answered, be aware of your options and whether you should pursue a personal injury claim.

Talk with a Personal injury Solicitor Today about a Claim for Compensation

Our Freephone personal injury claims helpline is available 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Your call will be answered by an experienced UK compensation solicitor who will evaluate your claim and provide accurate and relevant legal advice in plain English. You will also be advised about what you should do next in order to start a compensation claim.

If you cannot make the call straightaway, please use our free call back service. Simply enter your details in the call back form on this page and one of our solicitors will call you back at a more convenient time.

Disclaimer for this website

This website has been compiled for the purpose of providing information about making a claim for personal injury compensation in the UK only. Non UK residents should seek advice in their country of residence. The information on this website does not constitute legal advice, which should be sought via our Freephone claims helpline. Any information relating to medical conditions on this website should not be taken as medical fact. Medical advice should be sought only from a doctor.

The Law Injury Claims Service advises visitors that the use of this website is entirely at the risk of the website user, and no liability will be accepted for any loss, damage or personal injury as a result of using this website.

This website is protected by copyright which is held by the Law Injury Claims Service, which prohibits republishing, copying, or distribution or the images, icons or text on this website without prior written authorisation from the website owners.

Law Injury Claims Law Injury Claims
Law Injury Claims Law Injury Claims

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